How to Use Your FlexBEAM

Before turning on your FlexBEAM, consider what you want to achieve with your session, and be sure to review our warnings page.

Improve your muscle strength or endurance? Relieve the tension and that tightness feeling from your muscles? Boost your energy or simply relax? Something entirely different?

You can place your FlexBEAM wherever you like on your body, as long as you are using the recommended safety precautions that are listed below in the Keep in Mind section.

Here is a general suggestion about how to achieve your desired effects.

A typical session lasts 20-30 minutes in total. That session consists of 2–3 10-minute FlexBEAM applications on different places on your body.

Desired effectRecommended use
Improve your body performance or manage stress or improve your efforts to lose weightUse our WELLNESS Applications suggestions. Usually 20-minute sessions every day.
Increase strength or endurance or a specific body partUse FlexBEAM twice a day for the first three days. After that, use it for 20 minutes every day until the symptoms are resolved.
Recent issues on specific body partsUse FlexBEAM twice a day for the first three days. After that, use it for 20 minutes every day until the symptoms are resolved.
Ongoing problems, present for more than 30 daysUse for 20–30 minutes, every other day for three weeks maximum. Take one week off from using FlexBEAM and start again, until you are happy with the results. Then you can start with the WELLNESS regime for daily use.

Step 1 – Turn the FlexBEAM On

Turn the FlexBEAM on by pressing and holding the button ON.

Step 2 – Select the Program

The FlexBEAM has three Programs displayed on the middle button of the control module. Set the program by selecting 1, 2, or 3.

To choose the best program, ask yourself – how deep do you feel the issue in your body?

How deep inside your body do you feel the issue?Recommended program and cycle length
on the skin levelProgram RED (1) 10 min/cycle
up to 2 cm deep (3/4 of an inch)Program DUAL (2) 10 min/cycle
deeper inside the bodyProgram INFRA (3) 10 min/cycle

Step 3 – Position the FlexBEAM

Remember – as long as you are following the necessary safety precautions, you can place FlexBEAM wherever you want.

However, If you would like some recommendations for FlexBEAM placement for the best results, take a look at the illustrated guides we have created for you:

How Can the FlexBEAM Help You

Step 4 – Start the Application

Initiate the application by pressing PLAY once. If you want to pause the session, press the PLAY button again.

Step 5 – Stop/Continue the Application

Each cycle lasts for 10 minutes. When a cycle is complete, the FlexBEAM automatically pauses for few minutes before it switches itself OFF.

Remove the device from the skin and if required, move it to the next part of the body to continue the session.

If you use the same Program, just press PLAY to run another cycle.

If you want to change the Program, then choose the desired Program by selecting 1, 2 or 3 and then press PLAY.

Keep in Mind

While FlexBEAM is safe to use, some precautions are necessary:

  • do not put FlexBEAM on your head or face
  • avoid looking directly at the light
  • wear protective goggles if using within 30 cm of the eye.
  • do not place FlexBEAM directly over the heart for longer than one cycle (10 minutes).

Disclaimer: FlexBEAM is currently sold as a general wellness device only. The information on this website provides general guidance about the FlexBEAM and how to operate it. Recharge makes no declaration about the safety or effectiveness of FlexBEAM and does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use of the FlexBEAM is not a substitute for a consultation with your healthcare provider. Information given should not be construed as medical advice.