Warnings and Cautions

Safe use of FlexBeam® is the primary responsibility of the user. If FlexBeam® appears to be operating incorrectly stop use immediately and contact Recharge customer support.

Use on the Head

FlexBeam® is not designed for use on the eyes, face, or anywhere on or around the head. Do not place it on the head.

Effect on Eyes

Avoid staring directly at the LEDs or using within 30cm of the eyes. FlexBeam emits powerful invisible infrared light. Use provided safety goggles in cases when escaped light is directly shining into the eyes.


The safety of the use of FlexBeam® has not been established during pregnancy or childbirth.

Endocrine Glands

Do not use over thyroid gland and testes. FlexBeam® is not intended to treat endocrine conditions.


Do not use over malignant and other tumors.

Tan and Deep Skin Tones

Although FlexBEAM has been tested on a diverse range of skin tones without any reported adverse effects, since deeper skin tones readily absorb light, we recommend exercising caution by reducing exposure time to not more than 10 minutes in one place. 

Tattooed Skin

FlexBEAM delivers light stimulation via LEDs, not lasers and although it is very safe, the light is very intense. Exercise caution when placing over tattoos. We recommend reduced exposure time (5 minutes in one place) over the tattooed areas, but the best is to avoid placing FlexBEAM over it, especially when the tattoo is recent or extensively covered with dark ink.


FlexBEAM does not cause burns to the skin. This is because the therapeutic effect of FlexBEAM is transmitted through light, not heat.  However,  in certain cases of extreme skin sensitivity redness or blistering may occur, in which case, FlexBEAM use must be immediately suspended, and a physician should be consulted for further advice.
Please inform customer support should you experience this type of reaction.

Undiagnosed Skin Conditions

Exercise caution when using FlexBEAM over undiagnosed skin conditions. If you are unsure consult your healthcare provider before using the device.

FlexBeam usage

Do not use FlexBeam over the same location for an extended period of time.

FlexBeam presets and body locations

As a rule, our guide is to use Program 3 over the back and Program 2 for the abdomen area.

Updated on July 14, 2021

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